Lisa Jackson's Savage Film Analysis

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Media has experienced an exponential growth over the last few decades and is now accessible to many different individuals regardless of their location or social class. Many issues can be broadcast to a wide population in a matter of seconds being beneficial in the sense that past issues such as the residential schooling system can be incorporated into many mainstream aspects of our society. The media, in the sense of residential schools can be used as an effective tool to educate about the history of Aboriginal education primarily through film/video and radio. The inequality, inadequate education, and culture dismemberment that took place within these schooling systems is demonstrated in Lisa Jackson’s Savage. A film such as Savage which contains components of emotion, disbelief, and grief has the ability to leave an …show more content…

When reading a book about an issue such as the schooling systems one gains knowledge and information, but lacks the visual aspect that demonstrates the emotion and sense of severity that is accompanied with it. The media devices that were used in this week’s lesson, specifically the short film Savage, the broadcasted apology, and the CBC clip I was able to grasp onto different ways of acquiring knowledge about the situation of residential schools which becomes beneficial to my understanding. I personally knew about this social issue in education prior to this lesson, but only was taught through books and written documents. Viewing the film and audio aspects helped me emotionally feel for the victims of this schooling system and learn more about this issue. I was not particularly aware of the public apology until this lesson, but however, it furthered my knowledge of the aboriginal schools, not just how they were constructed, but how the issue was politically

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