Lisa Lo Short Story: Two Colors

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Lisa Lo Short Story- “Two Colors” The world was in black and white, that much he knew. As a matter of fact, that was what everyone knew. There was never a single speck of color in the beginning, much to his dismay. Babies were born, time and time again, and yet the results were all the same. Everyone was unable to see color as a child. We were not born to experience it. Not yet, at least. For him and everyone else in the world, there were only two definitives: black and white. But what was color? What did it look like? Perhaps it was something he could taste, something he could feel. After all, color was difficult to have explained to if he had never experienced it before. When he was younger, he always imagined color to be as sweet…show more content…
His mother smiled gently, sitting down onto his bed. “Will I ever be able to see them? The colors?” he asked softly, his eyes widening as they filled with anticipation. Her mother’s eyes softened, and she tucked in the blanket very tightly around his petite body. It almost seemed constrictive, binding his arms at his side. “Oh, sweetheart,” she said, kissing his forehead. “When you meet your special one, you will. Everything will change,” she stated reassuringly, before leaving the room and clicking off the lights so he could sleep. He wondered, faintly, if others experienced color differently from others. How many colors were there? Surely there were too many to count. He couldn’t wait until he grew up, couldn’t wait to experience everything the world had to offer. One day, he knew, he would meet the girl of his dreams, and everything would…show more content…
He always wondered when he’d see her; was it the lady near the bus stop? The woman at the bagel shop? He was never sure, and he was always anxious. Some of his friends had already been able to experience color, and had tried to explain it to him with much enthusiasm. Others however, only gave him an all-knowing look and told him to “wait and see.” Whenever he heard one of those responses, he would simply give a cold smile and turn away. It seemed hopeless, really. What was the point? He had been foolish as a child to ever think that color would blossom into his life; even as he grew older, one by one all of his friends would find their soulmate and their worlds would be turned upside down and inside out. He grew tired of life, and his head pounded constantly. Often, when he felt restless, he would take scrap pieces of paper and idly draw on them, sketching meaningless words and symbols that vaguely resembled the doodles of a child. At times, he would daydream so much that he would have such severe migraines. However, just as suddenly as his migraines would appear, just as suddenly they would disappear. Everything seemed close, and yet so far away. If only he could find her- that special someone, who would change his
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