Lisbeth Salander In Children's Psychiatric Clinic

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Ever woken up from a dream thinking it is not real, but turns out it is? Well, Lisbeth Salander wakes up with remembering being strapped down to a bed in the Children 's Psychiatric Clinic. She has been traveling the world after having stolen three billion kronor from a business tycoon. While Salander is in Grenada she finds a friend George Bland. Also while she is in Grenada she meets an unhappy couple who end up in the middle of a hurricane “Matilda” (Larsson 25) which is supposed to be the biggest and worst hurricane ever. The husband tries to cover up his wife’s murder with the hurricane so he can expunge her to inherit her fortune, but backfires when Salander knocks out the husband to save the wife and also her friend Geraldine Forbes.…show more content…
As a late birthday present, Mimmi gave Salander "a beautiful cigarette case with a lid of blue and black enamel and some tiny Chinese characters as decoration" (Stieg Larsson 189). I’m not very sure what the characters translate to because they talk in Chinese. When Salander asks Mimmi, she says, "How on earth would I know that? I don 't speak Chinese. If found it at a flea market" (Stieg Larsson 189). The characters are symbolizing friendship through the cigarette case. When Salander is buried alive by Niedermann and Zala, she uses the cigarette case to dig out of the hole which saves her life. This must feel particularly ironic for Salander, who is nursing heavy doses of guilt over the fact that Mimmi was kidnapped and beaten by Niedermann. Now she 's using Mimmi 's gift to save her own life. At the end of the novel, this cigarette case becomes her most prized possession. It not only reminds her that someone out there really does care about her, but also literally saves her life. It just proves to Salander that she is not alone and still has one friend out…show more content…
My third object is the 1991 police report because it symbolizes everything that is wrong in Salander’s life. Salander has never even seen a copy of it until she finds the one Bjurman got his hands on. The report details Salander 's attack on Zala when she was twelve. This resulted in her being placed in the “psychiatric hospital for children” (Stieg Larsson 14) and her life become upside down. It 's been buried by the Police, who want to keep Zala from becoming known to the public. It also symbolizes the secrecy and corruption which also contribute greatly to Salander 's wretched situation. From the police report, Bjurman finds out that Zala and Salander are connected, and he contacts Zala, sparking one of the novel’s big plots. It 's also the key piece of evidence Salander uses to figure out that Zala 's crimes are being actively covered up by the Police, and that her confinement to St. Stefan Hospital 's was no random accident. So, it also becomes a symbol of the idea that secrets always come out sooner or later, even if you want them

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