Listen To Me Ponyboy Character Analysis

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“Listen to me Pony. You didn’t do anything.”Ponyboy was trying to get Randy to think he was the one that did it. This quote relates to The Outsiders because Ponyboy is trying to convince Randy that he stabbed Bob when Johny did. He was trying to take his place. Even though Ponyboy is a young greaser that lives in a time of stereotyping he learns that people might not be what other people describe them as. Ponyboy talks to Cherry and Marcia. Ponyboy chooses to talk to them and get to see what Socs are really like. They turned around and told Dallas to stop. Ponyboy and Johny then got to sit with the girls because they stood up for them. Ponyboy realizes that all Socs are not just rich kids that think they are better than everyone and likes there personality. ¨He started talking, loud enough for the two girls to hear. He started out bad and got worse ¨...¨ You´d better leave us alone… or I will call the cops¨Cherry yelled. ¨Leave her alone, Dally¨ Johny said while he had a puzzled look as he got up and stalked off. ¨Yall come sit up here with us¨ Cherry said. Ponyboy thought to himself and uttered, ¨ Would we ever have something to tell the boys.(22-24)¨ Ponyboy talks to Randy and wants to clear up what happened with Bob. Ponyboy is then able to realize that Randy is just like Cherry and he is going to tell the judge the truth, that Ponyboy wasn’t…show more content…
Even though Ponyboy lives in a time of stereotyping he learns that all people may not be as others describe them. “I really didn’t see what Socs would have to sweat about, good grades, good cars, good girls… I know better now. “It was the black haired guy that did it I saw it. No, I had the switchblade”, Ponyboy said. Randy didn’t believe him because they both knew what happened. Whenever you are faced with deciding what someone is like, don’t ever let stereotypes be the resolving way to go up to
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