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Music when you think about it is an incredible thing, it can change your view on the world, but who 's to say that can 't be a good thing. I don 't know if everyone feels the same but when I listen to music I just imagine myself at the concert having fun, or even at my own concert singing it, and most times on a stage dancing. When I listen to music I 'm just taken away to another land, another place, and time I 'm just gone in my own little world, and sometimes that world involves work. Sometimes my own little world involves homework, or cleaning, or going on a jog, sometimes that little world makes cores and work all the better. That world makes me want to finish it to the beat of the music and just relax, it 'll be done when it 's done, I find myself not wanting anything but the task in front of me when I have music. I have discovered through time and research that learning a musical instrument can actually help improve your fine motor and reasoning skills. In fact musicians exhibit enhanced memory functions, and when you think about it, it makes sense especially kids who are in marching band. In general any kid learning an instrument has to memorize the keys, but when you add in a marching band kid needing to remember where to walk and when on a football field, what keys to play, and about 10 minutes worth of music with no paper in front of them,…show more content…
Listening to music can also help you concentrate, that might seem a little unlikely because music might be distracting to you, but for kids like me music help us to focus. Classical music is scientifically proven to help enhance concentration levels and enhance memory. Sure though sometimes kids listen to the wrong kind of music and it messes with their concentration, but they just need to find the right kind. Music is also proven to help calm nerves, so they can just relax and focus on the task at hand. All it takes is the right kind of music and the person doing the job will have improved concentration
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