Listen To Your Heart Analysis

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“Listen to your heart” is a very well known quote, there is even a song about it, however overtime one takes it literarily there seems to be a good and a bad outcome to the decision. This is what happens in the story “The Skating Party” by Merna Summers, it is told by Maida the niece of the main character Uncle Nathan. He tells her about his past life and the decisions he made with his heart, or wished he did, and how they brought him to his present life. By Examining Uncle Nathan’s actions, thoughts and words it is clear there are positive and negative ramifications for following ones heart. Uncle Nathan proves he follows his heart through his actions by saving Delia, destroying the stone man and marrying Eunice. All of Uncle Nathan’s actions are from what he feels in his heart, however there is good and bad to each decision. To begin, Uncle Nathan decided to save Delia instead of is Finance Eunice, using his heart he proved he truly loved Delia more. The positive in the decision was he saved one of the girls lives, however he lost Eunice who he was going to marry and he never seen Delia again, loosing both girls. When making this quick, traumatizing choice he listened to the first instinct his body told him, which was to save Delia even though the logical choice was to save Eunice. The text proves this saying ““The truth is” Uncle Nathan said, “I had kind of fallen for her”” (Summers 195). This shows that, even though he knew he should love Eunice, Uncle Nathan truly loved Delia, so when he had to choose who to save he chose what his heart was telling him. Secondly, Uncle…show more content…
He saved Delia instead of Eunice, destroyed the stone man and was going to marry Eunice even though he loved Delia. Therefore, dose following ones heart outweigh the good from the bad or is using logic
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