Speaking And Listening Skills Essay

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Furthermore, in the society or in any social circle where young learners operate, the ability to speak and to listen is crucial in the development of their total personality and eventually social horizon. Children need to speak what they need, feel, and think to be addressed, helped, and understood. Good speaking and listening skills have benefits in one’s personal life which includes wider social circles, improved self-esteem and confidence, favorable academic work and more. In addition to these, Palmer (2014) mentioned in the introduction of his book, Teaching the Core Skills of Listening and Speaking, that making students listen a lot does not automatically make them good listeners, and occasionally making them speak in front of the class does not automatically make them good speakers. The implication of this statement…show more content…
Once more, this suggests that teachers need a stock of listening and speaking teaching strategies from which to choose from when planning listening and speaking activities for the day. Another research on listening and speaking conducted by Adler, Rosenfeld and Proctor (2006), adults spend more time listening than speaking. According to them, adults spend an average of 70 percent of their time engaged in some sort of communication. Of this an average of 45 percent is spent in listening compared to 30 percent speaking, 16 percent reading and 9 percent writing. This information mirrors that both skills are indispensable even though speaking gets a lower rating. These two skills are so important that educators need to address the necessity that speaking and listening ought to be solidly laid during the formative years of the
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