Reflective Analysis: The Importance Of Listening In My Class

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Listening is a crucial part in communication that allows us to become more effective and productive in our personal lives and also in a professional setting like in school. As a student at UC Davis, listening is essential in order to obtain success in my classes as I must listen to my professor’s lectures in order to comprehend the class material. By examining 4 listening practices and putting them into action helped me become a better listener during lectures and become more efficient and productive in my classes.
The first listening concept from the articles that I chose to do was to prepare ahead of time. Before listening to my class lecture, I prepared beforehand by reading the assigned chapter and also re-reading notes from the previous lecture. Typically, I do not read because I already know that the material will be taught in class, so I choose to just learn
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I am the kind of student that usually sits in the back of a classroom because I feel more safe and comfortable. However, I decided to sit in the front to see how it would effect my listening abilities. As a short person, the first thing I noticed was it was a lot easier to take notes because I was easily able to see the projector, unlike in the back. I was able to write my notes a lot faster and easier since I wasn’t constantly squinting and adjusting to see the projector. It was also a lot easier to listen since I was able to hear my professor talking a lot more loud and clearly. I also noticed that by sitting in the front, I am less likely to get distracted like to check my phone because the professor could see me a lot easier, so I felt more obligated to listen. I will try to sit more closer to the teacher now because I feel by doing so I was able to absorb the information better and become less susceptible to

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