Listening Observation Essay

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Pedagogy of Listening Observation and Analysis: The First Step Toward Authentic Assessment It’s thanksgiving break for all the school on the island and I am grateful to spend extra time out of work (teaching) and enjoy family time with my children’s. I chose to observe one of my children’s. She is a six-year-old little girl, who is filled with energy and silliness and is a first grader. She is very active, talkative, silly, spoiled and all other behaviors that she chooses to show on a daily bases, none the less I still love her. This little girl I speak of happens to be my daughter who is totally different from my two elder children’s. She is the fortunate one who I took time off from working to care for her needs. She didn’t start talking till she was turning four, communicating with her was very…show more content…
It’s either just to go to the beach or visit relative homes. Most days consist of school, work and home. Technology is the only thing my children turn too besides playing outdoors with family. I would be on my computer doing homework and school work and my children will be studying and then off to their limited time frame of either watching television or on their electronic devices. When I am not on my computer doing work, I have my daughter do extra practice reading short stories together and writing her complete name. When guiding her as we read, I know she is learning because she tries her best to follow along and answer questions when asked. She tried her best to start sounding out letters to make a word. If she doesn’t know the word she still reads out any word as long as it has the same first letter. Like take for example the word in the story is ‘the’ with no hesitation she says ‘that’, just because the first letter is the same. I would constantly remind her to sound out each letter before thinking what the word is. Blend the letters and sounds together to form the right
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