Writing: The Importance Of Listening Skills

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Listening Skills
Listening skills are the most important skills for people to communicate and real life for work that will lead to other skills, including speaking, reading and writing (Srikaew, D., Tangdhanakanond, K., & Kanjanawasee, S., 2015). If they do not listen to understand or appreciate the importance of dialogues. They cannot communicate with others. Occasionally, the course may use a recorded CD in English. The recorded CD will speak very quickly. And the accents are British English and American English. However, they must separate the content word from the function word. The content word consists of nouns, verbs, adjective, and adverbs. The function words consist of conjunction, articles, and pronouns. Accordingly, readers will
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Writing is a form of writing that is clear. If they write the wrong format will cause misinterpretation. Writing is a thought process, and before they write, they need to set goals, and follow the steps in order of importance. Developmental writing is dictation. Dictation is one technique of writing: listening, reading and writing skills combine to achieve write correctly. Development of the grammar, they should practice repetition of what they have already learned and practice new thing that is harder to master. And the development of writing, they should write to the changing pattern of incidents within the meaning of the event. For example, if events happen in the past, they must use past tense. If events happen in the present, they must use present tense. And if events happen in the future, they must use future tense. Writing should not be used as an acronym because readers will not understand or may interpret the meaning of the word incorrectly. And they should use synonyms for their writing, not boring. Writing skills are significant skill that communicates by using the characters to the story. And that composed of sentences and sentence is a combination of stories to match the tense for readers to recognize and understand the…show more content…
Most Thai people have a lot of problems, such as lack of self-confidence (shy to speak English and Thai accent), concerns about the use of grammar, and know little vocabularies. In addition, environmental problems in learning English, furthermore there is little an opportunity to practice in the classroom. Besides each in the classroom has only one teacher that he/she cannot ask conversation to all students. Moreover, for teaching has a limited time, and they cannot move the chair and that difficult to organize activities in the classroom. However, they should develop English skills both in the classroom and outside the classroom. So, English skills development has different methods to improve. Developmental of listening skills, they should have the tools to help them develop their English skills by using the Internet for listening to music and watching foreign movies that can split content words and function words. Likewise, speaking skills, they should have activities to do in the classroom, such as reading news, storytelling, or listening to music to confident in pronunciation. Developing reading skills, they can practice more frequently, starting from what they do, such as reading stories or novels to create a love of reading and learning vocabulary. The development of writing skills they can starts from understanding grammar, part of speech and difference of writing styles. Actually,
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