Communication: The Importance Of Listening

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Communication is an important element and the main heart in human life. Humans need to communicate to express their opinions and feelings to anyone. In modern times, communication is not only to meet basic living needs such as speaking with friends, but also human life is increasingly complex and the need for communicating is wider. Communication is very important because humans may not be able to live without it, as they can not interact with others and communication is also a sharing of information between two or more. In communication there is one important thing that is listening. A good listening allows one to take good care of it. Listening is also very important as most employers around the world have provided a skill training to their…show more content…
The use of good language and voice can affect the listening and also how one uses the body to communicate something. In other words, it means recognizing both oral and non-verbal messages. Next it will test your ability to listen effectively depending on the level you are observing and understanding the message. Well listening is that you give a full focus when you receive the message. When a message is delivered, you can also record all information provided by your friend. This lets you not forget about what's being said. If you do not give a good focus on what is being said, it is likely that you will be giving third party wrong information. In addition, reflective hearing is one way someone is trying to be a good listener to understand the thoughts of what is being communicated by friends and then provide a relevant feedback to show you understand the delivery. This hearing method will force you to focus on the characteristics of the communication and will infer the information received. However a communication will work well if it happens in two ways and mutual respect. If the deliverer is well-understood and provides the perfect feedback, it will be able to satisfy both parties and there will be no contradictions about the information. The more you feel your mind is easy to understand, the more you are willing to hear the words. Hearing both sides will improve the productivity of the conversation,…show more content…
In addition, the problems that are often encountered during hearing are when the speaker has a different language with us. For example the speaker is a foreigner who may want to ask a question or we are involved with a course that involves the speaker is a foreigner who speaks differently to us. Or maybe it is also possible to travel abroad, so the use of body language at this time is very important for us to understand what they want to say. For example, if you meet Japanese people, the dialects they use make you not understand because the words are so different and difficult to

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