Listening To Music Analysis

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Music is very important to my life. It is a form or expression, relaxation, and enjoyment. I have been in love with music since I was as young as five years old. At the age of five, I started to learn piano, and immediately I fell in love with playing and making music. I loved hearing the soothing sound from the keys and knowing that I eventually would improve enough to play more complicated music. Listening to music is just as enjoyable as playing it. I am a huge musical theatre lover; I believe that it is a powerful way to get an inspirational message across. Music in general is powerful. It is a way for others to understand the story and mood of the composer. When I began to play violin, it took a while to become somewhat decent at it, (so someone could recognize the tune I was playing) but all the work and dedication payed off. It gave me a…show more content…
I have been a part of the Music Department at South Western High School for two years so far. I was a part of Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra my 9th grade year (2014-2015) where I played my violin and I sat sixth chair. My sophomore year I learned to play the flute and joined concert band in the fall and symphonic band in the spring. I was also a part of the South Western String Octet during the Spring Semester. During musical season, I participated in the pit and played flute, an incredible experience. Currently, I participate in marching band where I play the piccolo and I will soon be assisting with the play where I will be a part of the crew doing sound and publicity (I have also done publicity during my sophomore year). I hope to eventually learn more instruments and to hopefully join more music groups (jazz band, indoor percussion, county band). I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful department at South Western because it has taught me so much and has helped me grow both musically and as a
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