Listening To The Inner Voice Analysis

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For leaders to be more effective, they must trust "the blessed impulses" (Bennis p.98) and follow "the inner voice" this is how guiding visions are made real. When I’m poised to make a big decision with lasting repercussions, I decide based on my intuition. It doesn 't mean that I should stop learning and growing my knowledge and just follow my instinct. It means that I must grow myself enough to have the correct vision of the future and with no assurance I should be able to predict the future outcomes .Although the future is uncertain and all the decisions involve risk taking, I make them with certainty and confidence. “Confidence refers to having self-efficacy”, “Leaders who have self- confidence are more likely to be motivated to succeed, to be persistent when obstacles arise and to welcome a challenge.”(Bandura, 1997; Luthans&Avolio, 2003)…show more content…
In a changing world and blistering pace of medical conditions, so many diagnosis and treatments remain obscure. That 's when doctors rely on their intuition and wisdom. I can relate it as well to “Servant Leadership ".Wise and innovative physicians inspire and lead the staff to work together as a team. Their mission is to deliver optimal outcomes and serve patients in a workplace built on values such as integrity, trust, and accountability. They strive to grow, improve their skills and knowledge, and deliver the best service possible. They are compassionate and empathic to patients’ medical conditions and personal
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