Literacy And Reading: The Importance Of Literature

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Whether read for an escape from reality, to brush up on current events, or to learn how to do something, various forms of literature can influence and teach its reader skills that are useful throughout their life 's duration. Frequent reading is conducive and influential towards anyone 's personality, overall health, and social communication. Writings can transform a personality. People regularly exposed to literature are often open-minded. To be open-minded is to be creative, imaginative, and perspectival. Literature teaches readers to be receptive and critically think about ideas and problems within the written matter. Analyzing ideas and problems require creativity and imagination, which lead to logical reasoning. An open-minded reader…show more content…
Literacy gained from reading provides people with skills they can use in their social lives. Literacy and reading are very helpful for communication, and part of communication is the ability to express one 's feelings. Through reading, comes empathy and compassion. A reader submerged into the mind of the main characters in a story can discover why and how they act and do the things they do. In a way, readers are broadening their experiences by living vicariously through the characters, this teaches the reader to have multiple perspectives while reading and in reality. The reader begins to comprehend the struggles of characters and often empathize to the situation; that being the case, reading a variety of writings can be very helpful in one 's ability to socialize with peers. By reading, one is broadening their vocabulary and overall understanding of things. In book clubs, people exchange and share their opinions about a common book the group has read, this gives people a common ground for which they can discuss and socialize about. The same applies for news; by reading a newspaper, one can gain information about current events, which is a common topic discussed among numerous people. Knowledge is appealing to others; this makes social inclusion easier, especially if one has confidence, and can express empathy and compassion towards others. As a final point, frequent reading can be very beneficial to one 's future, leading to greater prospects in life. The better one reads, the more they will excel in academics, which usually lead to better job success in which one uses the many skills learned
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