Literacy Course Reflection

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The main objective that I took away from this course was thinking critically of finding the meaning of what literacy truly is. I would admire to learn how to better compose essays and steps that are needed to a research essay I struggle with compositions of essays and word choice. I will use my critical thinking skills in everyday life whether it be in school or work it’s something that is useful to figure out solutions to problems and I will remember to apply my literacy. My quarter in English 102 kind of got a rough start to it. Beginning of this quarter I had a lot on my plate to an extent that it was affecting my English grade and my other classes. I had a lot to deal with from my personal and my work life which took away my concentration…show more content…
For example I could’ve used these critical thinking skills in my history 128 class. During beginning of history 128 we were given an assignment where we had to look at multiple different articles and documents that were related to what we were learning about in class and had a document analysis assignment. I believed I could have used my critical thinking skills I gained through English in my history assignment looking and finding the deeper meaning to those articles and writing and much more complex analysis then what I had done. I hope in the future I will be able to use all my knowledge and skills I have gained through English 102 and apply them to my future classes in my higher education I don’t believe that I can only use these skills and knowledge in an class room only I believe the skills I have gained through this class will be with me forever and I hope to use these skills not only in school but hopefully in my personal or even work place to solve and find solutions to the problems by using my critical skills I have gained this class has taught me a lot all tough it was tough in the beiging it’s a class that I actually have learned and gained many skills that I will
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