Common Themes In David's Psalm

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Psalms is a collection of 150 songs, poems, hymns and prayers in the Bible, written by David and other prophets about God and His creation, life, hope, joy, thanksgiving, war, evil and sin, etc. In David’s’ writings of Psalms, there are distinct literacy devices, similarities, differences, and common themes, specifically in the chapters of Psalm 23 and 27 that are used to allow readers to have insight into an era of his life where he struggled and turned to God for Him to provide, protect and strengthen him. To show his need for God’s blessings, David has written a personal prayer to God imagery, metaphor, personification, symbolism…. David wrote this Psalm to tell how God knows, provides, restores, guides, protects and comforts him. David…show more content…
David continues, “He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” For his name’s sake symbolizes reputation. The Lord is known to be a good person, therefore He performs good work. He leads his people onto the right path in life. This asserts that God provides guidance. God guides his people on the right pathway. Conversely, if a flock of sheep are not guided, they would lead themselves to their death. Thus, with God guidance, He shows us that we can have faith in him and depend on him to not lead us astray. This uncovers the goodness of God. One must walk in the right path, obeying God’s commandments and following His works. The fourth line states, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,” for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” In this verse, David announces that God protects and comforts him. In this line, shadow of death is a personification. Here, the term death is being illustrated, giving human like qualities; shade or shadow. Additionally, David proclaims that he will not fear death or evil because God is with him to protect and comfort him when needed. In relation to a shepherd and his flock, a rod and staff is use to fight off preys that are a threat to the sheep, seize those that attempts to run away, to examine them and to count them. Thus, His rod and staff symbolizes God’s word, guidance and protection while walking with
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