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Afghanistan has a population of 34.66 million, with a birth rate of 4.65 births per woman. Throughout the years the country suffered through a civil war which has resulted in prolonging many developments to occur within the country. As a result of the Taliban and their power, including the devastating effects on the country, there have been many negative and lasting effects such as the literacy rates between men and woman. During the Taliban takeover, woman’s rights were seen as insignificant, therefore, access to education for women was very difficult to obtain since it was forbidden. This was powered by the Taliban’s belief of gender roles and the ideology that the duty of a woman was to stay home and take care of their family. Although, the Taliban has lost a…show more content…
(Enhancement of Literacy in Afghanistan (ELA) program) There are many reasons to why the statistics still remain low and some of the reasons are poverty, child marriages, child labour, and limited schools/long travel distances for school. These barriers hold back girls from getting an education which as a whole affects the whole country because if both genders were hold to the same value then there would be more productive and educated members in their society. Additionally, many families and individuals in Afghanistan are suffering when it comes to hunger and malnourishment since they often don’t have enough money to buy food. Therefore, children are often fed the bare minimum in order to stay alive and often that is not even enough. As a result of this, Afghanistan has a very high infant mortality rate of approximately 257 deaths per 1000 live births. Which in fact is noted to be the third highest in the world, showing that the lack of proper food and nutrition are causing a significant amount of children to die at a very young

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