Literacy In Beowulf

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Throughout history, poems and epics would serve as portals to the past and narrators of famous tales. With different techniques and styles, the poets would transform simple stories into fantasies that would affect the audiences in a special way. Dictated from the tones of his vocalizations, a powerful reverberation would sink into the souls of the poets listeners, leaving them in an adsorbed state. The epic was a genre of the past . Nowadays with the discourse of our time dictated by the academic institutes and the media, the world has been robbed of the rich poetic traditions of our ancestors. Information is transmitted from the news to our brains in an abrupt, undescriptive fashion. No feeling nor receptivity is brought by the delivering of information of the tragedies of our time. Although the culture of literacy has transformed drastically from the previous practises into an unrecognisable manifestation of the blatant lack of proper story telling, the ancient manuscripts were preserved in order that the nations of today may still benefit from their profound meanings and valuable excerpts. One of these is Beowulf, an epic composed by a Scop from the Germanic Tribes narrating a tale of the heros of the Scandinavian people. The extensive poem was fashioned for the purpose of instilling pride and glory into the souls of the warriors. The recital of Beowulf would consume many hours of the day, and the people would endure the lengthy presentation because of the epics effect
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