Literacy Narrative Analysis

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Literacy Narrative Summer 2014 I had three summer reading assignments to complete before the upcoming school year. Pride and Prejudice, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Frankenstein. I’m thinking to myself I can definitely knock these assignments by the time school starts. I started off reading Their Eyes were watching God. “Good story so far” I thought to myself. “But I could go for a snack right about now”. So of course I choose getting a quick rather than finishing the chapter I started. I never finished the book, but instead I read a summary online and finished the assignments with the help of spark notes. On to the next book! It’s now the middle of July and I have to squeeze in Pride and Prepuce and Frankenstein before it’s too late.…show more content…
I’ve come to find out that I have a strong hatred for Heart of Darkness because of the more than complex frame shifts and a love for Withering Heights because it was the first book I could get through without developing a hatred for every character in the book. I learned about relating books to life that was happening around me. I’ve learned how to incorporate my learning into something I could take with me for the rest of my life. The experiences that happened in AP English not only broadened my horizon when it came to literacy but it also helped me develop my own character. I went soul searching to find out what I really did like about english. I found out that I loved novels that somehow tied into life happening all around me. I learned how to visualize what I was reading and ask questions that helped me dive deeper into my own way of thinking. As far as AP English being a bad experience I was pushing the envelope a little bit. It was a bad experience because I made it one. I was not aware of how much work it would take to be in an AP English class. I also did not apply myself as much as I should have. All in all, my literacy journey was one that anyone else has experienced. I went from an indifferent feeling about literacy to an
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