Literacy Narrative Essay: Growing Up In New York

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Literacy Narrative Essay Growing up in New York City was hard for me because my mom and dad split and we always moved all over the place. First I lived in Harlem then i moved to Brooklyn then moved to the Bronx. It was hard for me to work on my reading and writing skills because nobody taught me how to read and write at the time. My Parents separation was hard for me when i was young because the only thing i knew was everybody parents are together but i learned at the time it wasn't for everyone. My Mother and Father went to court and my my mother got …show more content…

When i started school i was acting up and never wanted to do any work or homework and my grandmother had to come to the school everyday. I never really cared about reading and writing because i wasn't really good at it, so i never really worked on reading and writing. My grandmother signed me up to a online program called Hooked on Phonics to help me read and write, but i never paid attention to it and skipped all the lesson because it was boring. When i was young i felt like i was on my own because my mother was away and my father was somewhere and my grandmother had all her grandchildren she took care of, so nobody took the time to teach me how to read and write. I felt like i didn't need to learn how to read and write because nobody told me or showed me how important reading and write and learn how to articulate. When i started 5th grade the teacher

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