Literacy Narrative Essay On Becoming A Writer

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Literacy Narrative Essay

Well, there are many things that made me the reader and writer I am, only a few important events had huge impacts on me. Events such as; teachers constantly correcting my grammar, not being able to pronounce certain words, and a soccer injury that made me a pick up a book. These things helped me become the reader and writer I am. It gave me motivation, strength , and courage. The first event was a consistent thing which was teachers correcting my essays . Every time I would receive an essay or an assignment I would always have an error with using the words " their and there" and using the right conjunction words. The problem that I had was when I was younger I wasn 't taught how to use those words. For an example instead of using the word your correctly I would use it "You 're a pretty cool person." When in reality you 're supposed to use it with the word "you 're." These constant mistakes made me finally have courage to go ask my teacher why I got some errors. She kindly told me how I was using certain words the wrong way and she helped me by explaining how these words are used the right way. One of the most important events that had a huge impact was surprisingly just a few words. The words I had trouble with were mother,
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During summer while other kids were outside having fun, i was indoors with my AC on reading different kind of books because of a soccer injury i had. If it wasn 't for that injury i don 't think i would of ever gotten a book on my own. It all started with an injury to a book that became the book that kept me going to find more books to read. The book is called " A Child Called It: One Child 's Courage to Survive" by David Pelzer. Before this i thought all books were boring but this one totally changed my mind. It was like a movie in my head not knowing whats going to happen. It was breath taking with the climax of events that were
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