Literacy Narrative: Social Inequality In America

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Literacy Narrative Everything 's an argument. When unarmed, 17 year old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch for looking suspicious with skittles in his pocket; similarly, when unarmed, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer for stealing a pack of cigars, and when other countless unarmed black people have been shot and killed in America, the argument has been whether race affected these situations. Although many still don’t see the social inequality minorities in America still face, the reality for these groups is heartbreaking. August 9th, 2014, social media sites were flooded with reports of the shooting of Michael Brown. People were outraged, but for very different reasons. To me, it seemed simple, Michael Brown was too young to die for suspected petty theft. I didn’t originally see the shooting as a race issue, but when the majority of news sites…show more content…
By recognizing that this is a definite race issue that happens nearly everyday in America, our society then has to address the issue through the court system and within ourselves and our communities. Facing these flaws that we’ve created in our society is an intimidating and immense task and by addressing them we will forever change our own nature. When I found these flaws within myself, that I contributed to the prejudice and discrimination black people face, I became impassioned with the Black Lives Matter movement, but I also became more and more disheartened with the future. I realized that although my generation is more willing to change with the times, we are too young to change the system. These mixed emotions regarding what you’ve done, what you aim to achieve, and hope for the future, is what makes addressing this issue of race so hard to

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