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To analyze a piece of text, one must read that text, break it down into smaller parts, then elaborate on those little pieces. It is no different when trying to analyze my own piece of text. My text’s topic is on recalling a memory that impacted you greatly in the literacy area. So analyzing it myself should not be too hard considering I can elaborate better on parts that I feel need touched upon, as well as explain why this is so important a little more.
So looking into the text I had created, I can easily see it wasn’t professional in the least. With only two “paragraphs” and no real intro or topic sentence topped off without a really good conclusion makes it seem even worse. When analyzing I have that big mess of a first paragraph in which
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Another thing I felt I could get better at would be detailing without flying off topic and losing that main purpose for the audience. The detailing could use some work (like everything else), but it is not too bad, at least to me. I could be more specific in certain cases such as, “To me, my older brother was my biggest influence when it came to my reading and writing.” (Sheffield, Eric Major Assignment #1, 2017) where I could have elaborated more, or just used a better sentence in general. But in that first paragraph, what I attempted to get across to my readers was, how important that memory was to me and how it impacted my literacy. Then I explained that memory along with some background information to help the audience understand it a little more. The first half of the extremely long paragraph would be me giving that background information, and sort of set up for the main idea later on. Since I cannot really quote the entire text, I encourage you to read the piece that I previously wrote, but for me, that memory means so much to me. It has more meaning than just it is important for my reading and writing, it is important because it strengthened me and my brother’s bond a little bit. At the same time, my point should be shifted towards the actual purpose of the paper too. I feel I drifted away
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