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Gods. The Gods eat the sacrifice, they are grateful; they give me some of their water. جوليان: أنا ملككم المحبوب, سأقوم بتضحية لأصدقائي الطيبين, إلهة الماء. الإلهة تأكل التضحية, يكونوا ممتنين, ويعطوني بعض من الماء. The translator has opted for a literal translation, which works well in this situation. In spite of the fact that this example contains culturally specific items. Literal translation is the best method used in dealing with such occurrences, especially if it is combined with facial expressions and contextual elements. The translation reflects to the audience the other side of this African tribe. 5.3. Rhyming words:…show more content…
Joey wants to show that he is bad at deriving words, and he implies at the same time by playing on words that both Rachel and his sister are bossy and high-handed. The word the translator chooses is of no use and does not carry any comic effect. 5.5. Euphemism: Euphemism can be defined as the usage of appropriate words and expressions rather than the ones which are considered churlish and abdominal. It can be used either to amuse the audience or to refer to" taboo topics( such as sex, excretion, death and disability) in a polite way, and to mask profanity," which is known as dissimulation. The west is regarded as liberal when it comes to swearing, however, some people in the west refuse to use swearwords. Kao( 1994: 174) argues that: " euphemism is part of the idiomatic speech, born of the cultural background, the customs and folkways, the manners and mores of people and peculiar to a particular time and place." Allan and Burridge (2006) illustrate

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