Literary Analysis: Analysis Of Symbolism In Desiree's Baby

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Analysis of Symbolism in Desiree’s Baby Set in antebellum Louisiana, Desiree’s Baby tells the story of a couple and how a relationship went south very quickly. Desiree’s Baby gives the reader an idea of how women were treated in the 1850’s and touches on the treatment of slaves Pre-Civil War. In this analysis of Kate Chopin’s, Desiree’s Baby, the symbolism of the treatment of the slaves, the deserted field, and the bonfire all signify more than they let on in the story. The treatment of the slaves differ in several ways in the the text. The different lifestyle conditions represent the major social difference between the Aubigny’s and the slaves living on the property. While visiting with her mother a conversation strikes concerning Desiree’s child that can be heard crying “ as far away as La Blanche’s cabin”(Chopin). La Blanche’s cabin must be a good ways from the main house. This also signifies that Armand was at La Blanche’s cabin. By the same token, La Blanche also has a …show more content…

Identically the same as a backway instead of taking the visible road. Desiree was leaving, walking in the field where “the stubble bruised her tender feet”(Chopin). The rough path symbolizes a rough life that Desiree is about to find and is not accustomed to. The bruising of fer feet represent the bruising on her heart from not being wanted anymore by her husband, Armand. On her journey to her mother Desiree did “ not take the broad, beaten road which led to the far-off plantation of Valmonde”(Chopin). Desiree was not going to her mother. Desiree is going down a path that leads to nowhere. Many believe this foreshadows Desiree’s suciudal death. The field was so rough it “tore her thing gown to shreds”(Chopin). Desiree has had everything and every opportunity given to her. She has never taken the ‘hard way’. Desiree taking this forgotten path shows her old life being left behind her and that things would not be easy for much

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