Literary Analysis: Character Analysis Of Okonkwo

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Literary Analysis: character analysis
Okonkwo is a strong man with a huge family but many bad things will happen to him because he does things the way he wants to and doesn’t think about the consequences. He doesn’t always deserve the pain he suffers because he sometimes things don’t go the way he plans them. He is a man who wants to live in his village in peace but things don’t always go the way he wants them to. He sees other cultures that have to come to his village as to advanced and he thinks it’s some witch stuff because seeing that the white men didn’t die he thinks it’s witch doing and he doesn’t like it.
Okonkwo is a man who has worked hard for his title and has defeated Amalinze the cat from one of the 9 villages. He is a man of many wives and kids and that is a good thing in his culture and that also shows that he is a powerful man in his village. He owns his own yam farm and is a very prosperous man in his village. Okonkwo has earned these things because of all the challenges he has faced in his life. Comment by Taleah Kenney: remember quotes with citations for every body paragraph
Okonkwo is a man who takes things very seriously and gets mad and scared depending on the consequence. When his son went to the Christian church and was among those people he was mad and afraid that his son was going to be taken away by them and he beat him because he didn’t know how to release his anger. “Suddenly overcome with fury, sprang to his feet and gripped him by

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