Literary Analysis Essay On Flowers For Algernon

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Would you like if you knew your friend was talking behind your back? That is what happens in the Science fiction, short story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes. With an IQ of 68, Charlie wasn’t the smartest man, and doesn’t know why his coworkers make fun of him. He did not realize what the rude comments meant, but soon after his operation he started to recognize that the “fun” comments were actually rude. If Charlie knew what the rude comments his coworkers told him meant, he would have never went to the bar and gotten hurt. Also, after his operation, and realizing what the rude comments meant, he wanted to help other people who went through the same thing he did. Therefore I think it's better to know something than not to know. Being oblivious or being intelligent? There are multiple reasons why people would choose the latter. Such as, if Charlie knew that Joe was making fun of him, instead of making jokes he would have never came to the bar and gotten hurt. As stated in the quote, “but i had a headache and a big lump on my head and a black and blue all over. I think I maybe fell but Joe Carp says it was they cop they beat up people drunk sometimes”. Clearly in this quote you could recognize that Charlie wasn't beat up by the police, but beat up by Joe Carp. Furthered explained in this example, if Charlie…show more content…
After realizing Charlie was being bullied he decided to help other with the same condition as his. As shown in the quotes “if i could be made into a genius, what about the thousands like myself? What a fantastic level could be achieved by using the technique on normal people”? As mentioned above, Charlie wanted to help people after seeing this boy go through what he already went through before. Further clarify in the quote, if Charlie never realized he was being bullied he would have never helped the kid at the cafe, and had the motivation to help others with the same condition as
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