Literary Analysis Essay On Steelheart

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Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson is a fictional story that was created for the sole purpose of entertaining primarily, but not limited to a young adult audience. The tale takes place in a dystopian Chicago after the calamity, an event that bestowed several humans with supernatural powers, transforming them into Epics. The this event leads the book to attract young adults and children because “Since Calamity appeared in the sky. One year year since ordinary men started changing. Turning into Epics- almost like superheroes from the stories”(Sanderson 3). This also clearly displays that the author wrote the story as a means of entertainment as he uses a situation “where there are villains, there will be heroes,”(Sanderson 3). This will allow…show more content…
He becomes obsessed by his goal and will never stop pursuing it till “[He’s] seen Steelheart bleed. And [he] will see him bleed again” (Sanderson 5). This external struggle soon turns into a inner struggle as realizes that the lives of thousands in Newcago are dependant on Steelheart as he provides food, safety, and other forms of stability to its citizens. This leads David to consult the leader of Reckoners, Prof, who responds “It’s good for you to think of this, son. Ponder. Worry. Stay up nights, frightened for the casualties of your ideology. It will do you good to realize the price of fighting” (Sanderson 223). This allows David to come to the realization that he is being consumed by the darkness and grief in his heart, and leaves him in ambivalence on if he should take revenge on Steelheart for something he did years prior, over the cost of thousands of innocent civilian lives. David succumbs to the pressure and follows the path of revenge as he comes to believe that revenge against Steelheart is his purpose in life, resulting in him and the Reckoners attempting to kill Steelheart. Overall I would rate this book seven out of ten top hats because it provided an entertaining read about the clash between the supernatural forces of good
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