The Book Thief By Mark Zusack

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Literary Essay "I've seen millions of them, I've seen more eclipses than I care to remember." Is a quote from "The Book Thief" a historical fiction book by Mark Zusack. The book thief is set in 1939 (at the beginning) Nazi ,Germany. It starts with Liesel Meminger(the main character) her Mother, and her dead brother on a train to Munich. The Book Thief will give you a new view on world war 2 and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a challenging book. As mentioned before it all started with Liesel Meminger(was 14), her mother, and the corpse of her brother. This day would give Liesel nightmares for years, every night. Liesel's brother died of some form of disease. Her brother was berried on the way to Munich, there she stole her first book from a grave digger(Liesel didn't know how to read due to her families poorness). Then they headed off to Himmel street, Munich where her mother left her with Hans and Rosa Huberman. At first she didn't like it there, though overtime she got use to her new life with the Hubermans. The first time she met Rudy(her future best friend) was during a…show more content…
There are multiple examples of this throughout the book. One is when after her brother died and her mom dropped her off at Himmel street. Even after those sad events she was still able to find happiness with her foster family(the Hubermans). Another big example that shows this is after the bombing when Max turns out to still be alive. Even after her friends and parents died Max turned out to still be alive. The final example is actually from Max's life. After he left his family, he hid in a warehouse for months. He eventually found the Hubermans who were willing to hide him from the nazis. He was able to find safety and happiness after months of fear and suffering. At least these things gave them some solace in knowing that everyone you knew is
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