Literary Analysis Harrison Bergeron

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We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be, this phrase perfectly illustrates the truth in how our actions ultimately define us as human beings. Perception of reality plays an immense role in our society as a result of depending on how people perceive us, we act accordingly in order to conform. Ultimately, when interacting with others, we alter our behavioral patterns in order to mimic aforementioned group’s perception of who they are, which is often a delusion. After portraying a fictitious version of yours for a long duration of time you soon undertake the role which only shows how careful you need to be when deciding what role, you wish to impel in society. In this short lived narrative Harrison Bergeron, there is conflict between the protagonist and the societal equality actualized only through the efforts of the United States Handicapper General, Diana Moon Glampers. In this deranged society, individuals impeded for their athletic capabilities, hindered for their intellectual capacity and masked from their beauty, just so every last person is indistinguishable to the lowest prevailing endowment. Beyond doubt, Harrison excels in all three categories, he is extremely athletic, a genius as well as extraordinarily handsome, this only fabricates a person who is truly handicapped to the fullest. Evidently, he…show more content…
In conclusion, if we did not live in a society where there is a hierarchy of more and less significant individuals how would we innovate in hope to better our world when every single person is limited, having a diminutive attention span of which resembles that of a goldfish. The phrase is challenging the reader to ponder around what exactly is equality, however, at the same time what actions cause us to be
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