Literary Analysis In Everything Everything, By Nicola Yoon

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Introduction: The book Everything Everything By Nicola Yoon shows thins girl who struggles with a normal life as a teenager. Maddy the protagonist faces a disease where she can’t even go outside or she could have an allergic reaction and get hurt very bad. She goes on meeting new people trying hard to be normal and have a life where she doesn’t have to worry about what’s going on around her. The literary analysis goes to show how Many tries to get through the hard times. Nicola Yoon devops a character relationship between Maddy and this boy Olly. Nicola shows the setting as a hospital room, boys house, and hawaii. In the book the theme shows that nothing can hold you back and that you need to live your life. Character Relationship Maddy, the protagonist doesn’t have a “normal” life. She…show more content…
It goes on to say, “ Olly : Jesus, Where have you been. Are you ok? Maddy: Yes. Olly: What does your mom say? Olly Are you going to be ok? Maddy: Im OK, Olly Olly: I tried to visit but your mom wouldn’t let me. Maddy: She’s protecting me. Olly: I know” (Yoon 243) The author uses text messages for showing there cumutcation. They always message each other. Talking about how there day was and what happened that day but it all changed when maddy ended it. Olly did everything to make her feel like she had everything. Author 's Craft ( Creative one, on slide too) The author craft is important in this book because she uses emails/text message, also pictures to show what’s happening between the characters. Nicola Yoon uses these structures to build off of. From the messages it creates another story of explanation of what’s is going on between the two character, Wednesday 3:31AM “ Olly: Couldn’t sleep? Maddy: No. Olly: Me too. Fast five favorite movie. Food body part class. Maddy: That’s only four. Besides, it 's too late for this , I can 't think. Olly: Waiting.. ( Yoon,
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