Literary Analysis: It Is A Beauteous Evening

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“It is a Beauteous Evening” describes a beautiful evening and goes beyond appreciating the beauty of the nature that the speaker sees as he takes a walk along the beach with the child. The speaker links this beauty with the religious power he feels in nature. The poem gains more power when we learn that the child that the speaker is walking with, is actually his daughter Caroline, whom he never seen in ten years because he was separated from her and her mother by the war in France. The speaker is inspired by the innocence of the child, admiring the nature and there are many ideas he has when he looks at the surroundings and the child he is walking with. The child may not be aware of the way the speaker feels about the nature that surrounds them. From line nine the speaker tells the child that even though she is not affected by the solemn he has when he looks at the nature, the child is not any less divine. Even more she “liest in Abraham’s bosom all year” because God is with her even when the child is not aware of God.
The speaker seems to be comparing the beauty of nature and the nature of the child. The speaker is describing the nature while admiring and enjoying the moment. The speaker hopes that through describing the nature he will be able to convey his feelings to the readers about the moment he is having with his daughter. His deep feelings and thoughts will then be conveyed to the readers, so that even though the readers are not there and do not know exactly what is

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