Literary Analysis Of Michael K

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Literary analysis Life and Times of Michael K Part one: Analyzing the main character The story of Michael K is a sad but powerful story. Throughout the book he is portrayed in a way that makes you pity him but also get frustrated over his stupidity. Michael K is given a rough start from the day he is born. He is born with a hare lip that leaves his lip disfigured. His mother does not want to take care of him. She even shivered by the thought of that thing growing inside of her all those months. She refers to Michael as “It” and keeps him away from other children and from the public. His mind was slow and he is put away in a home with like-minded. Michael starts of as a lonely soul, he wants his solitariness. He wants nothing else but to be…show more content…
‘Let me tell you the meaning of the sacred and alluring garden that blooms in the heart of the desert and produces the food of life. The garden for which you are presently heading is nowhere and everywhere in the camps. It is another name for the only place you belong, Michaels, where you do not feel homeless. It is off every map, no road leads to it that is merely a road, and only you know the way´ The writer J.M Coetzee has an extraordinary ability to convey powerful messages in his writing. Coetzee uses complex sentences that makes you stop and think. He is passionate and writes so vividly one is left in a daze. His writing strikes deep within our hearts and is very memorable. The quote I picked shows a beautiful example of his complex and powerful writing. The writing is on a deeper level and is forcing his readers into haunted places of their own minds. I think all of this contributed to his well-deserved Man Booker Prize. Coetzee has proven how passionate he is about his writing and the use of the English language is genius and on a very educated level. The art of making all that misery and suffering sound beautiful and romantic is a skill well portrayed as well as his ability to leave you questioning your own values and the simplicity in life. Coetzee also shows his extreme intelligence and opens a deeper understanding of the English language by using words forgotten by most. The main characters journey is displayed from a lot of different perspectives. Coetzee makes it easy to identify with at least one of these people. He is concerned about the nature of man and he is displaying that in a way that is nothing but
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