Medea As A Feminist Tragedy

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Jeries 1 Asma A. Jeries Professor Ra'ad Ali Research Paper 15 December 2014 Medea as a Feminist Tragedy While researching texts written about Medea the heroine, I found lots of authors highlight the idea that Medea trapped in a patriarchal society, such as, academic journals, articles, and books . These authors looked at the play form unusual perspective which is from a woman's eye. They also found Medea is victimized by her unfaithful husband whom she sacrifices everything to stay with him. Her husband who is a man's voice symbolizes a society as a whole. Each one of the authors, describe in details how much Medea is suppressed even by the one whom she loves him more than herself. However, while these authors…show more content…
Andrew Messing states that Euripides carefully made Medea into the stereotypical woman: "emotional," "self _ deprecating" and " prone to ask favours or forgiveness." But we can see it from different angle, typical stereotypes are about both gender not only sticks for women. Women always responsible of the demotic life. They also stay as homes caring of their babies. They are weak and fragile. They represent the body and nothing else. On the other hand, men are considered to be heroes, rational, reasonable, stable, and decision makers. That's allows men to control women…show more content…
But in this play our heroine 'Medea' proves her words with deeds. Medea. I will make the three of them into corpses: The father, the daughter, and the loving husband. These bold words are followed by bold actions. Medea's speech reflects how much she suffers and struggles. According to many critics, Medea seems to be irrational. Let ask ourselves the following question if we pressure gas on one area then suddenly lights the place after the gas spread, what will happen? That the exact situation is happened to Medea. She has a serious cause makes her swears to take vengeance. The boldest action is killing her children. I know that’s weird to call such action 'bold' but what makes me consider it as 'bold' is that Medea an idea for any woman experience the suppression from different types of men who enjoy dehumanizing her. Killing her own children is normal action, maybe she will regret later. Nowadays, we hear about t murders as such one. To me Arabic societies is approximately similar to

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