A Raisin In The Sun Wealth Analysis

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“He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all. “ - Eleanor Roosevelt Wealth can be a source of happiness or sorrow. Even if you’re rich, you can be unhappy and vice versa. The world isn’t fair in that way. In the play A Raisin In The Sun, Lorraine Hansberry proved that in life, wealth always matters in how we dream and how we see ourself. Around the end of the book, Walter had been scammed of his money and was extremely devastated. He talked about his dreams and life lesson bitterly, seemingly losing himself slowly (pg. 141-144). During his talk with Mama, Walter bitterly talked about how he learned an important life lesson the hard way. After he had been deceived, he realized that life isn’t what he dreamed it was, “Life just like it is. Who gets and who don’t get.” (He sits down with his coat on and laughs) (pg.141). Walter used a sarcastic, dry humorous tone to shows that he is indifferent to anything now. He seems to have lost his purpose, sense of direction, in life. Bitterly saying what he had “learned”, he finally understands that this world is a harsh one. In a real world, you survive only if you can afford it. Continuing on with his rant, he laughed “...it’s all divided up. Life is...Between the takers and the tooken (He laughs) ...Some of us…show more content…
Even his family life surrounds the idea of wealth, how it’s spent, what he earns. To Walter, wealth meant pride, it meant happiness, it meant a stable life. In a blind move, he had trusted the wrong people with his father's hard earned money only to lose it. When this happened, his life appeared to all crumble. The merry-go-happy man from when he got the money was no longer there, only a bitter shadow. No doubt, he had learned a true, harsh lesson of life. Hopefully, their family stays in tact and Walter saw something else other than wealth as a reason to
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