Literary Analysis Of A Rose For Emily

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Mackenzie Miller Mrs. Keeling English 101 January 15th 2018 “A Rose for Emily” Literary Analysis William Faulkner was a 1900’s author. His novels and short stories were set in Yoknapatawpha County, a fictional county based in Mississippi. In one of his stories “A Rose for Emily” Faulkner displayed several examples of an literary analysis. In the story Emily Grierson has recently passed away. The narrator begins to recall a time about thirty years earlier when after her father died, Emily had a mental breakdown and refused to acknowledge his death. Later on Homer Barron comes into town with his crew to build sidewalks and she falls in love. However, when it comes time for him to leave town, she does something to make sure he’ll never leave her. She goes to buy some arsenic and when questioned what its for she claims it’s for rats. So one night Homer enters the Grierson house and is never to be seen again. Many years later after Emily has died, they find a skeleton laying in her bed, which is assumed to be Homers. There is a long grey hair on it implying that she has been recently laying with it. One way Faulkner uses literary analysis is with how Emily refuses to accept change and the fact of death. The theme of death plays apart in the story from the very beginning to the end. The story starting with the whole town attending her funeral and then moving to the memory of her father dying. After her father died she couldn 't accept it and continued to treat him as
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