Literary Analysis Of Animal Farm

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This paper was prepared for Writing 122, taught by Mrs. Fye. Animal Farm Literary Analysis There is symbolic meaning in the book Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. The word symbolic means “the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character” (Dictionary). To me symbolism means relating one object to another by characteristics. Meaning that if an object has the same characteristics as another object, it can be symbolized as that first object. Animal Farm has many different chapters full of symbolism. There are two different types of symbolism in Animal Farm, figure of speeches, and the actions of characters. In chapter one it talks about how man is the one real enemy to animals. “Remove…show more content…
The battle of the windmill killed and wounded a lot of the animals. The World War 2 killed many people in the battle. A lot of objects got destroyed in the two battles. In Animal Farm when Boxer died it broke my heart, but it symbolized the betrayal Napoleon brought to the animals. Once Boxer fell ill Napoleon sold him to the slaughter house so that he could buy alcohol for the pigs/dogs. This symbolized Napoleon betrays all of the hard work that Boxer has done to him, by selling him away to a slaughter house. This can also relate to how the slaves were being treated badly by the Russians. Starvation seemed to stare the animals in the face almost every year. The symbol in this is the “communism” that is supposed to happen. The animals are supposed to get more food, work less, and have a more relaxing time. But really Napoleon has all the power and controls all the “communism” that really is not communism. The pigs and dogs are the smartest, and more favorite animals in the farm. Napoleon does not run a very communist farm, but Orwell does a great job showing how the animals are fooled by Napoleon. The seven commandments that the pigs put on the wall represents the ten commandments we have today. It is ruled that everyone has to follow, except if you are Napoleon. Changing the commandments on the farm is like changing the commandments today. Always adding on to have loop holes, and rearranging the rules for someone else. Napoleon is symbolized as a leader or president that takes the animals under his wing. Orwell showed how the animals fell under Napoleons tricks because he was giving the right ideas and the right files. Then Orwell made a drastic change, he had the pigs walk on two legs. The sheep sang “four legs good, two legs better” as the pigs walked, Orwell symbolized this as the pigs not being any different than man. Orwell had the pigs and men meet together and the animals saw no
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