Literary Analysis Of Anna Hope's A Gap Of Sky

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”A Gap of Sky” As a teenager, you search for answers to everything you do not know. It is important to find out what you stand for and how you want to live your life, which is a part of the process of becoming a grown up. Then again, it is not always that easy. “A Gap of Sky” is written by Anna Hope in 2008. Ellie has to write an essay, but cannot since she has not more ink. Therefor she walks around in the streets of London and tries to find a store selling ink. She consider whether she should write the essay or not. The narrator is a third-person narrator. We follow the point of view of Ellie and the reader follows her thoughts, reflections, observations and actions. The style is, because of the use of stream of consciousness, characterized by speech. There is many slang words, which can be seen in the choice of words, when she uses words like "fuck" (line 2). This shows us, that the main character is a young and wild girl. The use of stream of consciousness makes the composition in the story to be jerky, and difficult to follow, for example “And then leaving, and getting the tube, getting the fucking rush-hour tube home. That must have been at about eight this morning. Nine ten eleventwelveonetwothreefour – eight hours of sleep. OK. OK.” Ellie wakes up with makeup and dirt in her head; she gangs and have constant mood swings. She is raw and is not very good against herself. “She thinks of the hall toilet, at the other end of a chilly, uncarpeted corridor, and thinking

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