Literary Analysis Of Anne's View Of Human Nature

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I would characterize Anne's view of human nature as mixed. At the beginning of the story she thought of the world as a happy place full of peace, but when they go into hiding, and she hears all the news of suffering on the radio, she begins to think of the human race as cruel creatures who only consider themselves. Later on in the story though, when she talks about the attempt that a general made on Hitler's life she said, “At least there are good people who are tired of all this fighting, and just want the war to end.” So at the beginning she thinks that people are “really good at heart.” At the middle she has mixed feelings, sometimes writing about people’s good deeds, sometimes writing about their bad deeds. At the end however, she ends her diary with, “ By becoming want would like to be, what I could be, if... there weren't any people living in the world.” This indicates that Anne believes that she could have a better life if there weren't any other people distracting her, judging her, and creating massive world problems. 3. Anne changed a lot throughout the story. At the beginning, she didn’t feel as self dependent,…show more content…
The theme of Anne’s diary is “you never know what you have until you lose it.” I believe that this is an appropriate theme for the story because at the beginning of the story Anne talks of her great house, great family, great friends, her boyfriend, how good she is at school, how much she enjoys the outside world, but when they have to go into hiding, she loses it all. They have to move out of their house, to go to and live in an attic for two years. Her family starts to argue all the time, judge each other, not have each others backs, and always looking for a way to get at each other. She has to move away from her boyfriend. Can’t go to school, has to leave all her friends, can’t enjoy the outside world, and can’t be herself. That’s why this is a perfect theme for “Anne Frank’s Diary/The Diary of a Young
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