Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus Poem Analysis

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The poet Billy Collins is more enjoyable than William Carlos Williams due to his more advanced deconstruction of the poetic form and allusions to imagery of amazing events and people without ever going directly into needless, excessive imagery. Williams is more brief in his explanations, a talent few poets seem to have, but Collin's style is more explanatory. He will support his ideas extensively, where Williams focuses on reading between the stanzas of his poems, often combined with prior knowledge. Such as in "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus", where Brughel's artwork is important in understanding the purpose of the poem. Coupled with very simple language, Williams prefers to keep the poems simple, but the deeper meaning complex. Collins uses imagery in these poems in a very fascinating way to help…show more content…
He never describes anything to an excessive point, always being very close to the object or idea. In “Undressing Emily Dickinson” any imagery serves to be metaphors for deconstructing a poet, never just to give a mental picture or needlessly used to sound more impressive. Also, his use of imagery in “The History Teacher” shows much more about what is going on, than just being pretty. “Musing up their hair and
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