Literary Analysis Of Charley's War

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The comic, Charley’s War, was written by Pat Mills and the illustrations were done by Joe Colquhoun. Charley’s War was published by the Battle Picture Weekly from 1979 to 1985. The comic is based around the perspective of a young soldier who is fighting for his country during the ominous times of World War I. The author assumes that the readers already have prior knowledge of warfare and how society is dealing the nightmare-fuel event. One characteristic that was greatly emphasized during the comic was the colour scheme. The black and white colour scheme was used to set the dark and melancholy tone as many individuals perished during this dreadful event. The author uses many transitional words to add cohesiveness to his comic. These includes: “suddenly…”, “After…”, “Later…”, “Seconds later…”, and “As they came..”. As the comic takes place during a war, it is generally considered as an action comic. There are many fighting scenes and jaw-dropping stunts, which screams the word action. The story revolves around a young boy who is trying to prove his worth in society by becoming a valiant soldier. The main character, Charley Bourne, is extremely…show more content…
Later on, Charley and his battalion, led by Lieutenant Thomas, decided to head to Somme where the bulk of the chaos takes place in the comic. During the battle, Charley went out of his way to save a soldier who was struck by a sniper fire. The sniper decided to take aim on Charley himself, but the bold Sergeant Tozer tries his best to save Charley from the crossfire. Charley managed to find cover, but the soldier that he previously saved was mortally wounded and later died. This angered the young protagonist and he swore that he will avenge his death by killing the German who shot him. After receiving orders from the Sergeant, Charley’s battalion ambushed the Germans, which inevitably led Charley to fulfill his
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