Literary Analysis Of Cinderella

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I’m sure we all have read or have been told the story of Cinderella. It is a classic story-telling story that every child has heard. Over the years there have been many different versions of the story, but the basic structure plot is still in place. There's a conflict between good and evil in each story. “Cinderella” written by two brothers, Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm as the reader we notice a much detailed version of the original story. The story contains specific details on the characters, and what it means to be human. As a human, we tend to show empathy and a carrying feeling towards others, but in reality, we are all self-centered and selfish inside.
This fairytale has characters that make the story intriguing. Each of them has personality
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She is humble and caring to all around even her evil stepfamily. When her father asks his daughter what they want him to bring back from the fair she responds with,“... the first twig that brushes against your hat on your way home ”(Grimm). Likewise, the two other step-sisters asked for “Beautiful dresses” and “Pearls and jewels” the stepsister are onto material beauty compared to Cinderella who has a beautiful soul. Cinderella is self-aware of who she is but does not have the conscious to see how her family is. Her stepmother always tells her how dirty she is and Cinderella ends up believing that. The mother has complete power over her. She, with the sister, makes Cinderella do a lot of hard work. The stepmother proposes, “If you can pick them out again in two hours; then, you may go with us ”(Grimm). Cinderella being a good person believes her stepmother and takes on the challenge can complete it but the evil stepmother still would not take her to the dance. This is a repression is the punishment cinderella has to live her daily life. She is locked away feeling unloved and forced to be their personal slave. All this shows a powerful trait of strengthness in…show more content…
A rich man‘s wife….” the reader automatically knows that the man has money. We wonder if that might be the reason the stepmother doesn’t like Cinderella. The father doesn't come up as much in the story. We can see that he cares for his child since he asked her what she would like when he was off to the fair. He acts like Cinderella isn’t there, just like her cruel stepmother. When the prince asked if they had any other daughters besides the wicked stepsister he replied with “No” and continues with “ There is only a deformed little Cinderella from my first wife, but she cannot possibly be the bride” (Grimm). He too is ashamed of his daughter and wouldn’t believe she can possibly be a bride. The father is not aware of his surroundings, he is too busy obeying orders from his wife and doesn’t realize that he has a very wonderful daughter, Cinderella. If he would only open his eyes wider he would realize how evil the wife and stepdaughter really are. Cinderella would really love some support from her father, but he doesn’t put any effort into doing that and instead focus on his wife and his two stepdaughters. Cinderella's father is blinded and is unconscious of his daughter doesn’t exist. As a human, he is not selfish, but he is self-centered and doesn’t see the big picture of the
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