Literary Analysis Of Coco Chanel

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In these three extracts we are going to be analysing the way the three extracts correspond with each other. A comparison of the extracts reveals that they all belong to separate genre, they have a different tone and purpose. For example, text 3.6 is more lexically formal and controlled in tone compared to text 3.7 which has an informal register and a friendlier tone, and text 5.20 also has an informal register and The expression "you wanted " in text 3.7 and "must take dog " in text 5.20, for example, are very frequent in speech, but much less so in newspaper articles as text 3.6 shows, avoiding such expressions lends text 3.6 its formal tone. The three text also differ when it comes to purpose, text 3.6 is an article and is more factual than text 3.7 which s based mostly on the writers opinion on how to make a pork casserole, and text 5.20 is rather a fictional prose, that presents the character's thought process. Despite these differences there are also parallels that can be drawn between all three texts. This essay intends to examine, compare and contrast the different writers' use of structure , style and linguistic features to convey feelings and purposes.…show more content…
Text 5.20 is a fictional prose, the writer chose to tell the story in this extract from a first person perspective as if she was one of the main characters. Interestingly enough this leads us to the first link between all three texts, which is the word Woman. The extracts show how versatile women are, they can run successful businesses and still find time to cook and care for their family

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