Racism And Oppression In Desiree's Baby By Kate Chopin

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The great Martin Luther King jr Spoke of the past, and the future with his powerful attribute to society’s fight concerning racism “I’ve decided to stick with Love. Hate is too heavy a burden to bear (MLK).” The author Kate Chopin clearly would have sided with the great Martin Luther King jr in the fight against racism with her short story “Desiree’s Baby”. The amount of irony in this story, hinting to the destructive force of racism and oppression is undeniable. Mrs. Chopin’s short story transparently presents how even a man as suitable as Armand can be stained by the hatred of a person’s skin color or disrespect to a person’s sex. Truly the pot is calling the kettle black and most undoubtedly we are seeing perfect karma, and ultimate, fate, and revenge. Overall Kate Chopin did a wonderful job portraying the effect of racism and oppression and created a fantastic work of art that many through the ages will enjoy. The first introduction to possible racism in the story “Desiree’s baby” is the…show more content…
This was so typical of marriages of that time, women were just not treated equally. Paula Anca Farca agrees wholeheartedly that there are touches of feminism and how often in Kate Chopin’s work you can find these themes, “I argue that due to reversals of power, Chopin’s oppressed female protagonists challenge patriarchal structures.(Paula Farca)” Chopin is clearly addressing her feministic outlook in the story “Desiree’s Baby” making sure that the text embellishes the fact the protagonist is scared of her
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