Dreamers By Sassoon Analysis

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Dreamers by Siegfried Sassoon Siegfried Loraine Sassoon was born on September 8, 1886. As his life expanded, he completed many things. He attended school at many places including New Beacon School, Marlborough College, Clare College, Cambridge, and University of Cambridge. On top of his extensive education, he was also ranked a captain in the military. Sassoon was many things throughout his lifetime. He was a British poet, writer, and a soldier. He was one of the participants in World War I, and went through series of traumatic events and experiences that influenced his writings profusely. Many of his literary works were based off of his personal experiences in the war. As his collection of personal literary works grew, he became one of the number one leading poets during the First World War. Describing the horrific experiences in the trenches, along with all other stress-filled…show more content…
But, through his writings, Sassoon shows that war is intense and soldiers use dreams and thoughts of their homes to bombard their focus of war (Cummings). I agree that Sassoon is very good about beating down the idea that war is a glorious experience, and he does a good job at revealing glimpses of the hardships that the soldiers face everyday (Kousar). According to Kousar, in an idea that goes along with the soldiers struggles being relieved by daydreams, Sassoon uses artistic violation in his poem “Dreamers”. He uses an oxymoron technique. For example, ‘flaming fatal climax’ and ‘hopeless longing’ are used to create an effect of the soldiers pain being soothed (Kousar). By these terms, Sasoon means that as the excitement grows, the chances of things turning fatal grow as well too. The soldiers long to be back home with their families, but these dreams are most likely hopeless, considering the chances of them making it out alive is
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