Literary Analysis Of Emily Dickinson's I Cannot Live With You

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In her poem, I Cannot Live With You, Emily Dickinson challenges the construction of the concept “Romantic” poetry and the social and political morals, "not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door possible". This statement is a layout about Dickinson 's work and how despite the fact that everything in life won 't come the easy way, always keeping the door completely always give you that chance. The poem I Cannot Live With You, written in 1848 by artist Emily Dickinson. This sonnet shares the intelligent sensibility of Romance which was Dickinson 's highlight in composing, propelling her considerations about her lover, gradually, from the first declaration to the destroying conclusion. Through the use of language features, structures and ideas, Emily Dickinson positions the audience/reader to acknowledge her perspective of the Romantic Period and why it must be incorporated into the anthology.

Emily Dickinson was born on the 10th of December 1830. Throughout Dickinson’s life she was faced with many impacts that were her inspiration on her poetry and which inspired her to write. Dickinson went through stages of depression and anxiety which many of her poems relate to and I Cannot Live With You was written through her depression phase (Biography, 2018). One of Dickinson 's most prominent poem, I Cannot Live With You, is an symbolic representation of the last pronunciation and the measure of power and her affection and depression that she faced during the breakup.
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