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1. Identify the film’s title, director, and screenwriter. (3pts.) I watched the film Forest Gump. It was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and the screenwriter was Eric Roth. 2. What is the central idea (literary theme) of this film? Explain using examples from the film. (4pts.) I think that the central idea of this film was that your life is what you make it. I think this because the main character, Forest Gump, was not the smartest man, and yet any time someone would ask him if he was stupid he would say that stupid is as stupid does. Also it showed throughout the film that if you gave your all you got the rewards of it. This happened with Forest’s interactions with the drill insurgent, when Forest was on the football team, and when Forest played ping pong. 3. Find and discuss an example from the film of each of the following: (6pts.) a. Objective truth (Externally Observable Truths): follows the observable laws of probability and necessity An observable truth of this film that we as human beings are flawed, and how we can raise above these flaws and thrive anyway. The flaw in the film was that Forest was a little slower than the average person, and yet he overcame…show more content…
It was used in caparison to life, and how you don’t always know quite what you were going to get. I think that this comparison is truly wise in the aspect that no matter what kind of “chocolate” you get it is sweet either way. Another symbol that was one of Forests opening comments, and it was hinted at throughout the film. The symbol was how you could tell a lot about someone by their shoes. It showed this by how forest wore his leg brace legs when he was young, until he wore a kind of running shoes for football, it then went to combat boots for when he was in the military, and back to running shoes for the end of the film. Each shoe represented an aspect of his life. It is pretty amazing how wise not overthinking things
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