Literary Analysis Of Freedom Writers

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The movie, Freedom Writers did a very good job displaying the poor education system that was changing the lives of students already barely surviving in the violence and gangs. The use of the comparison of visuals what something the producers seemed to commonly use. The comparison of good to poor school materials was agonizing to see, especially with a up-close shot to Mrs. Gruwell trying to keep a smile on her face. Children are the future of our world, but many still will disown kids that aren 't the same ethnic background. Realizing this was essential, and luckily Erin Gruwell was able to do it and ultimately save her kids lives. In this time of violence and gangs, Erin Gruwell was able to change education forever and save many kids lives. During this time education was changing and it wasn 't for the better, kids were dying on the streets due to gun violence and because of the gangs they were involved in. Luckily, Erin Gruwell was able to implement teaching tactics for integrated schools that are even used today. Her tactics included, rewriting curriculum, treating students as creator of knowledge, creating classroom community, and teaching self realization. The first, rewriting curriculum involved creating curriculum that was based on students needs and interests. Erin Gruwell did this by creating a curriculum the used the Holocaust, because she saw their lives and compared them to those during the Holocaust (Choi, Jung Ah). In the movie, one of the kids draws a
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