Literary Analysis Of Friendship By Henry David Thoreau

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Friendship By henry david thoreau Friendship by henry david thoreau is a lyrical poem that was written in 1895 that is said to portray the essential role of love in every relationship and friendship alike. throughout this poem thoreau uses various poetic devices to emphasize the significance of love in friendships and relationships alike. Henry david thoreau was born july 12 of 1817 to john thoreau and cynthia dunbar. Thoreau studied Greek, Latin and German at Harvard college form 1833 to 1837, after his refusal to pay the fee to obtain his diploma he took a leave of absence where he became acquainted with his mentor and life long friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson, who was 14 years older than thoreau took a “paternal and at times patronizing interest in thoreau” (bio 1), While Thoreau worked for emerson he was exposed to a “school of thought that emphasized the importance of empirical thinking and of spiritual matters over the physical world” (bio 1) that is known today as transcendentalism. Grasping hold of these beliefs and openly implementing them into his daily life thoreau became known as “the father of transcendentalism” The speaker of this poem who I believe to be Henry david thoreau himself, is highly intelligent and extremely thoughtful. throughout this poem thoreau continuously makes insightful connections between nature and love. Thoreau is very passionate about love and friendship. He is pensive and aware that he himself is vulnerable to the
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