Literary Analysis Of George And George Papashvily's The First Day

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George Papashvily wrote the text “The First Day”. The story takes place after World war 1. The genre of the text is an autobiography. They write something about their own life. Therefore, the text is nonfictional. George and Helen Papashvily is from Russia. After the Russian Revolution, many people left Russia behind and came to America.“The First Day” is divided into four parts. The first part is when he arrives in America. He had spent his money on the ship. Therefore he doesn’t have any money left. However, he lends money from a money lender. Because he will be examined by an American when he is applying for US citizenship. He will be asked about money, family, and skills. The reason why is because the American thinks that it is important that one can take care of themselves He tricks himself into America, and finds out that he has to be smart. The lesson he learns from that is to be smart. The second part is when he is ashore. He destroys all his old documents, so none can say that he is not from America. He also feels that he no longer are Russian but American The reason why he does that is because he wants to…show more content…
In the episode“The Little house on the Prairie” there is an election. It is about who from the class, who is supposed to be president of the class, and speaking for the students. There is a rich girl who is running for president. She has a lot of money. She buys her votes by giving her class candy. A girl named Mary also runs for president, but she does not buy her votes. Instead, she chooses to invite everyone to food. But it is only Elmer that turns up to it. Elmer would also like to win the election. But he is not the cool guy in the class. He is the one who always ends up being bullied by two boys. On the day of the voting, the two boys prevent Elmer from meeting. Fortunately, Elmer still gets there. He then holds a speech about the American values. He ends up winning the
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